On 26-27 May 2018, a workshop on “Energy Independence and Wave Energy” was organized with valuable participants from our country’s distinguished institutions and organizations for two days at our University. Ömer YILDIZ In this scientific study, it is possible to participate with a special invitation in the campus.

  • Wave Energy Systems / Transformers applied in the world? What are the features (capacity, cost, etc.)?
    R & D work on this issue in Turkey and applications is what level?
  • In terms of energy production, what is the potential properties of waves and wave atlas shores of Turkey?
  • What should be the most suitable wave energy converter system for our coasts from this point of view?
  • Should these systems be commercialized? What is legal legislation?

that the subjects are discussed.




On the first day of the workshop, speakers’ presentations were listened and the topic was discussed with the question and answer period after each presentation. Two separate committees were formed in the session held until noon on the second day and the results of the committees’ work were shared with the participants at the next session.

The notices and speeches of the scholars who received the common thoughts and publications that emerged during the discussions are published on this site.

The workshop content will be shared with the relevant institutions and all the others with the prepared “Workshop Final Report”.